XBOX 360 Power Supply Nightmare!

April 9, 2021

OK, I know this is most likely an isolated case but come on Microsoft!

Story begin on Feb 11 2008 when I found my XBOX 360 to not power up any more ;-(  OK, so I call the support number and I am given instruction to ship the defective power supply along with all power cables back to them.  I tag all parts and cables with supplied Ref #. I am told that it is to me to find a box to ship it and that I need to pay for the shipping.

OK, this is minus 2 points in my books!  Why should I have to pay to ship the thing back to them… I mean, I am already paying a premium for the support… but OK, I need it replaced ASAP.

I rush out to the CanadaPost store and get the 3 business day shipping option along with tracking.

I let the thing go and hope to get a new one back within 15 days.  After 15 days I am getting worried… so at around Feb 26 I call them back and ask about the problem ticket status. I am told they have no record of receiving the power supply!  What?  Are you kidding me? I go on CanadaPost web site and tell them that a certain mr X signed for the package at their office on Feb 15 2008.

They give me some obscure reason as to why they might have not entered it in the system yet.  Come on, you got it for like two weeks already!  What more do you need?

Any way, they tell me to call in a week to check on status… so this is what I do.  Two weeks later still no power supply in the system! What?  So I asked to get the problem escalate.  They tell me that the have escalated it and that someone should take care of shipping me a power supply soon. I wait another week and call in to check status (lon March 12 or about that day).

They told me that they are expecting the power supply to ship any time now and that I should receive it in 15 business day! Holly sh..!

On March 19 2008 I got a call from support telling me that the power supply was shipped that same day.  OK, I should finally get it any time soon. Two weeks later still no power supply.  I am not happy. I call them back and I am told that I should get it any time soon and that the reason for the delay was due to Easter.

OK, I will give it another couple of days. We are now April 9 2008 (yep, almost two months) and still no power supply.  So I call back.  They told me I need to wait another 2 days and call them back saturday if I have not received my power supply.What?  You want me to do what?  So I ask to talk to a supervisor.  After 10 minutes of wait I finally talk to one.  He told me that it is marked in their system that the package was received on March 19 2008?

This is nuts!  I never got anything!  I ask for the tracking number that prove that I got it as I want to know who signed for the thing. They tell me they don’t have a tracking number.  Come on!So now I have to wait for a call from them on saturday to see if I have received the power supply… and if I have not received it they will have to send a work order to ship another one to me.  This will take like 2 business day to process… then they will ship me another oner one and this will take yet another 24 hours… then it is off for another 12 business day delivery process…

If I do the math I will be lucky to get the power supply at the end of April!I am really really really mad…

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3 Responses to “XBOX 360 Power Supply Nightmare!”

  1. dilibau on April 12th, 2008 4:21 am

    I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry… this is indeed insane and I pity you for your experience with the “wonderful” MS customer service. Without being a fanboy myself (I’m a PC fan) it would’ve been better if you had bought a PS3… it’s a lot more reliable and Sony’s customer service is a lot better… Please post any updates you have on this X60 matter please :)

  2. XBOX 360 Power Supply Nightmare: The conclusion | on May 23rd, 2008 8:32 pm

    [...] you might recall my saga with Microsoft XBOX support for my XBOX 360 power [...]

  3. chris on August 11th, 2008 7:49 pm

    Sent my 360 to repairs on july 30th k the women i talked to sayed ship the xbox with the power box and cable i did wait a week and a hyalf get it back today august 11th and theres the xbox with no power cable in the box so i call back they say bla bla bla i have to wait another week microsoft are tards

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