Joost beta client for Live Broadcast viewing now available

Written on March 13, 2021 by admin

It is official. The new beta client that will allow you to test the new live broadcase feature of Joost is now available.

The release is known as Joost beta 1.1.2 and download links for each supported platform can be found here:



This is what Joost has to say about the “Live Broadcast” feature of the client:

Joost Beta 1.1 includes support for the new Joost Live broadcasts. These are live broadcasts distributed using the peer to peer network. During the life of Joost Beta 1.1 we will be delivering a set of Live test transmissions. These test transmissions will be advertised on the Joost Web site and in the Newsletter.

For the most part Joost Live broadcasts are quite similar to the regular Joost shows. You still use Explore to discover Live content (the initial broadcasts will be on the Live Tests category in Explore with the ‘On Air’ icon), but Live shows have a slightly different appearance to regular on demand shows, an active Live show will have a red bar at the bottom of its thumbnail.

There are some restrictions on Live shows in that you cannot seek within a show and you won’t be able to play it after it has finished. There is no time shifting feature for Live shows and so you arent able to pause a Live show either.

Some of the test transmissions will be a licensed rebroadcast of a channel on another medium and in these cases the transmission will be continuously (as we progress in our tests these will be 24/7 transmissions), delivered exactly as it is received by us, the commercial breaks will be part of the stream unlike Joost on demand shows and we won’t be able to give any details about a particular show running on that transmission.

Other test transmissions will be a packaged set of shows in a live feed and in this case we will be able to give further information on each show as it starts. Its title will appear in the Controller when it is running and there will be separate shows in the EPG for that transmission.

Both types of transmission have Joost Links associated with them, for the 24/7 rebroadcast transmission it will be a single Joost Link, for the packaged shows in a transmission it will be a Joost Link for each show and one for the overall transmission.

If you click on a Joost Link for a show which is not yet showing Live (it may be delayed by the original broadcaster for some reason), then Joost will play whatever is playing on that particular transmission, in exactly the same way as if it was a cable or terrestrial TV channel.

Users of the new beta client are reporting better streaming quality as can be read below:


The developers have done a tremendous job with this release! I first installed on my 802.11n wireless Windows XP MCE 2005 HTPC with no stuttering at all and then on to my wired Vista Ultimate desktop. Both streaming at the same time for a couple hours now without one hiccup!

I know Joost is going to explode in popularity once it’s ready for prime time. It is apparent that it is finally getting close. I’ve been testing since the early invite only betas. Finally it seems to be dependable enough to add to my daily media applications. With over the air broadcast ATSC digital TV, Netflix, Gametap, and now Joost, I have one heck of a HTPC.

Good work! I look forward to more quality content coming down the pipeline.


Cheers to the Joost development team for keeping up the great work!

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