Joost starting beta testing of live streaming

Yep, you read this right. Joost is currently running a beta test of live video streaming from it’s Leiden office. Joost users are invited to test the experimental client. Test will run until 8 PM GMT on Feb 27 2008.

So far the experience appear to be going well. I downloaded the new client and installed it on my iMac. Streaming is going very smoothly. The intent of this test is not about video quality but about the P2P streaming of live video.

The actual video stream is a view of a PC screen running Joost video ;-) with a post-it note attached to the side of the screen ;-)

I have made a quick screen capture of the live streaming in the Joost client to show you what it looked like. Simple play the youtube video below:

This is really great news as I have been waiting for Joost to bring live video streaming for quite some time. This might bring back interest to Joost as it has lost a lot of luster in the past few months. Hang in there fellow Joost users… there is still hope! Combine live video streaming with a “possible” web client and things might start to rock again!

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