LiveStation goes multi-channel

February 12, 2021

As you might be aware LiveStation is offering streaming TV content over the internet.  It uses P2P technology to scale in a way similar to Joost.  Where it is different from Jost is that the content is from live TV station instead of archived content.
This new beta initially offer access to a limited number of international news broadcasters. It is anticipate that additional channels
will be available in the future.

So far the software has proven quite solid.  It even allow me to change channels using my Microsoft MCE remote control. Nice touch… but it still lack the “DVR” basic functions of pausing live stream in case you need to go, you know, to the bathroom or something.

The video quality is OK but not mind blowing.  I have lost track of how much kbps each individual stream use but If I remember well it is in the range of 384kbps.  I must say that Joost has the edge here.

LiveStation is still bound to Windows XP and Vista only… but it will run fine in an XP Parallels VM on a Mac.  I am looking forward for a native Mac version ;-)

I will keep testing the new client and I be looking forward for future updates.

For those interested to look at the actual program you can watch the screencast after the break:

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