Television Networks to Put More Shows Online

February 2, 2021

FOX Television Master ControlNearly 330 production companies showed off television shows and movies here at the National Association of Television Program Executives conference this week, hoping to sell the syndication rights to local stations in the United States and abroad.

This year at the biggest conference in syndication — where local affiliate stations fill their shopping carts with enough content to keep their schedules lively — the hottest topic was online syndication. In this emerging part of the market, stations buy syndicated programs to show on their Web sites, and they sell advertisements with those programs to local businesses.

As broadcast growth flattens, local stations are increasingly looking to their Web sites for new sources of revenue. Some stations are creating original programming for the Web, but it is far easier for them to purchase the online rights to syndicated shows. This week, for instance, 200 television station Web sites introduced “Big Shot Live,” a national online talent competition promoted through “Entertainment Tonight.”

Online services like Hulu, and Joost as well as the networks themselves, most notably ABC (which offers content in HD), are evidence that this is one trend that’s not likely to fad away.

For the professional voice talent, commercials still need to be produced, however the SAG, AFTRA and ACTRA have yet to put in place union rates that adequately cover what is in effect national commercials, only played online versus traditional broadcast television.

The success or failure of stations’ online ventures will ultimately rest on their promotional abilities. Viewers of local TV are often reminded to go online for weather and traffic updates, but often they go to the site of their local newspaper instead. And when they want to see television shows online, they gravitate toward the networks’ Web sites.

Source:  voiceovertimes

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