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January 25, 2021

Joost has a couple of big Mac fans. If you don’t know many Mac fans you might think they’re all alike in their ardor for Apple and worship for Jobs … but that would be a wildly inaccurate assumption. By my calculations, there are at least three categories of Mac fans.

Category 1: The casual fan. IKerry Vance is probably in this camp: a lapsed Mac user who loved my Mac, and gave it up reluctantly years ago. She follow the news, ooh and ahh over the designs, and have at least one Mac gadget … like an iPod. You don’t find a lot of regular Mac users in this category, because…

Category 2: Most of the Mac users Kerry know are in this category. They LOVE their Macs, wouldn’t give them up under any circumstances, and might find a new job if they were forced to use a PC at work.

Category 3: And then you have the zealots. Like Kerry’s colleague Zoran (also known as Z). Z was one of the first in line to buy his iPhone, and waited in line (again) in the cold when the second-biggest Apple store opened in New York last month.

In addition to being a Mac fan, Z has some serious design skills (he’s a designer for Joost in his day job), which he used to make what we think is the first Apple Dashboard widget for Joost. You can browse shows by category, find what’s new and popular, and once you find what you want to watch, you launch the channel directly in Joost. Plus, it flips, it spins and it grooves.

Download it here and let us know what you think!

Source: Joost Blog

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