NBC choosing Microsoft Silverlight as exclusive online video platform

January 6, 2022

During CES 2008 keynotes Bill Gates said that:

“I’m pleased to announce today we’ve found a perfect partner to showcase Silverlight: NBC has chosen Microsoft as its exclusive video partner for online video footage. We’ll make it all available live and on demand.”

It is not clear if this will apply to hulu.com or strictly to the NBC web site content. Hulu has been using flash as it’s video platform. Moving to Silverlight would be a major blow to Adobe.

This might apply to the NBCOlympics web site only… but wait… I just checked http://www.nbcolympics.com/video and the web site still is HTML and Flash… so no Silverlight there yet.


OK, apparently the partnership is limited to the Olympics site… not everything NBC has.

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