Joost should host a “share” contest

December 13, 2021

Have you tried the recent Joost 1.0.3 beta client? Noticed the new sharing feature in it? No? Look again at the control panel at the bottom of the screen:

Joost sharing

Noticed the little “envelope” icon… the forth on the left?  You can click on it to bring up a box in which you can send a link to the program you are currently watching on Joost to a freind.

This could lead to an interesting contest.  Joost should report on “Share” that resulted in new users joining Joost.  The more people you “Share” to that eventually join Joost the higher your share rate get.

There could be two type of stats.  The direct share (people you directly invited) and the indirect share (people you shared with and the sum of all subsequant shares generated by the people you shared to).  Do I make sens?  Probably not.  (that is ok… I am used to it)

So there it is, Joost should open an sharing contest.  Daily, weekly, monthly, etc top 10 sharers could be reported on the front page of the main Joost web site.

I hope Joost kept track of all my “share”… because I have been sending a lot of them out!


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