New iTunes Canadian TV content leaves me cold

December 12, 2021

Apple® today announced that hit television programming from Canada’s top networks, US broadcasters and the National Hockey League (NHL) is now available for CAN$1.99 per episode from the iTunes® Store in Canada ( iTunes customers can choose from Canadian-produced favorites such as the top-rated, award-winning “Corner Gas” from CTV, smash hit comedy “Little Mosque on the Prairie” from CBC, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning “South Park” from Comedy Central and the NHL Games of the Year.

This content really blows.  Joost already provide much of the same content for free.  Think of the Joost NHL and CFL content.  I am not going to spend 1.99 per South Park episode… no thank you.

What I want is to move away from torrent sites for prime time TV series. And iTunes ain’t going to give me that… So nice try but no thanks.

At least Microsoft is offering some half decent movies on the new Canadian Live Video Marketplace.

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