One more departure at Babelgum

December 7, 2021

Internet television platform Babelgum has lost another top executive — its CTO, Mallku Caballero. (Thanks for the tip, commenter Rumpelstiltskin.) Caballero, who left the company about a month ago, told paidContent:UK: ”Let’s just say that I did not fully adhere to the vision and to the management style brought in by the new CEO.”

As we reported in October, Babelgum co-founder Erik Lumer, who was demoted from his CEO position when the company brought in new CEO Valerio Zingarelli this year, also left the company. Lumer, according to a press release he emailed to us, left to become CEO of RawFlow. But RawFlow has yet to update its web site to acknowledge this information.

Babelgum may outlast the turbulence of its executive departures simply by virtue of how much money it has. Silvio Scaglia, who was CEO of Omnitel when Zingarelli was there, co-founded Babelgum with Lumer. Scaglia funded the company with $13.2 million of his own money, and told BusinessWeek he plans to spend $130 million more over the next few years. Notably, however, competitors such as Joost and Veoh have massive war chests of their own.

Source: NewTeeVee

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