What Joost and Miro can learn from each other

November 4, 2021

The folks over at the Participatory Culture Foundation are gearing up for the 1.0 release of their Miro video player, formerly known as Democracy, and you can practically hear them sharpening their knives. The Getmiro.com web site is now featuring a comparison of Miro and Joost, and Joost doesn’t get much love: “Miro is open like the Internet. Joost works like a cable company with DRM.” Snap!

The aggressive tone of the site is understandable. Miro is an excellent product, but ever since they launched late last year, Joost has been getting all the attention. But is it really true that Joost is “a pretty dull product,” as the Miro blog laments? We’re not so certain about that. Sure, Joost has its shortcomings, but it also has some pretty innovative features. So why not learn from the competition? You can always start your knife fight later.

Here are a few things that Miro could learn from Joost:

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