Leopard breaking AJAX browsers interfaces

October 28, 2021

OK, I confess, I am not an AJAX expert… but one thing I know is that Leopard broke some web sites AJAX upload features.

For example, using Apple Leopard, Vimeo upload and Flickr upload are broken. I have not done a huge search for other sites suffering from the same thing but I am sure there are a ton more.

The interesting thing is that this is not with Apple Safari browser… it is with Firefox! The exact same Firefox browser that I use in Tiger… And yes, I booted back into Tiger and verified that everything was working with it.

So for all I know Leopard is somehow breaking some of those nice AJAX interfaces… in both Firefox and Safari. Why? I have no idea! But it is rather odd that it impact both Safari and Firefox.


People on Digg have started to comment that MySpace suffer the same faith. I wonder if this is something Apple can address via a software update?

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