Joost in a browser? Why? How?

October 28, 2021

This blog post does not contain any verified facts. Joost does not want to discuss any topics related to browser based clients. Take anything written here as fiction. It is highly likelly that 90% of this post will turn out to be wrong… but I had fun writing it… so…

OK, now that you have read the disclaimer let’s get on to the actual post.

Windows XP/Vista and intel Mac only

So far Joost has focused its development effort on the Windows XP/Vista and Intel Mac 10.4.x client platform. Many users of Linux and PPC Mac have been literally filling up Joost forum with posts asking when their platform would be supported. So far Joost has been rather quiet with answers on the subject.

Joost in a browser might just be the answer. If Joost move to a pure browser based solution not requiring any platform specific components then Linux and PPC Mac might suddenly be able to join the train.

So what might make this possible?

Adobe Flash 9 with h.264 support

Adobe announced back in August ( ) that the latest update for Adobe® Flash® Player 9 software, code-named Moviestar, will include H.264 standard video support. Why is this interesting? Well guess what video standard Joost is using to distribute high quality video over low bit rate? You are right, h.264.

If Joost move its client to the browser it is possible that it may chose to use Adobe® Flash® Player 9 software to play back its video content.

Adobe would certainly provide a lightweight interface in the browser for Joost to use. A proof of concept Joost Adobe flash interface has been written by Paul Yanez, mimicking Joost 1.0b client. But Joost might have some trick up its sleeve for running the interface on the Mozilla platform.


Joost is currently licensing CoreAVC decoder ( from CoreCodec for its current Windows and Mac clients. It is therefore possible for Joost to select to use CorePlayerX Web Browser Plug-in ( to provide h.264 video decoding within the browser space instead of Adobe.

One torn on the CorePlayerX Media Player Plug-in side is that as of today it is not available for Linux or OS X platform (

Joost is a XUL Application

As you might already know (or not) Joost is built on XUL. XUL (pronounced “zool”) is Mozilla’s XML-based user interface language that lets you build feature rich cross-platform applications that can run connected to or disconnected from the Internet. These applications are easily customized with alternative text, graphics, and layout so they can be readily branded or localized for various markets. Web developers already familiar with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) will learn XUL quickly and can start building applications right away.

OK, fine! So let run a slightly modified version of Joost XUL application inside firefox and be done with it! That could be an option… but this won’t be readily supported until Firefox 3… yet firefox 3 is not ready for prime time. This would also put the XUL application stability at the mercy of potential Firefox 3 upgrades… not good! Did I also mention that this would also cut off IE, Safari and Opera users?

So then what? This brings us back to Adobe Flash. Adobe is already supported on all common platforms and would open Joost to more browsers than the current XUL implementation. Adobe will also support h.264 playback on all platforms… another plus. Adobe Flash 9 therefore gets my vote for the browser solution… but I might be wrong!

Web based Joost profile

Joost in a browser also bring other benefits. You can now use an internet based Joost profile centrally stored on Joost backend servers. The current Joost profile in version 1.0b is only local to your PC/Mac. The problem with the current local profile is that when you have multiple systems running Joost they each a slightly different configuration. So changes made in one won’t reflect on the others.

Being a browser based client this should now be resolved. Any system with a browser should allow you to run Joost with your single hosted profile and custom preferences.

TV Browser integration

If Joost play it’s cards the right way it should be possible for it to find a home on the new internet enabled TV that are starting to come out on the market… as long as Joost selected technology can run in the TV browser space.

Retention of a full client

So if Joost move to the browser… will it keep the stand-alone clients? This certainly sound like a lot of extra work, especially if Joost move to a flash based player. The future will tell.

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4 Responses to “Joost in a browser? Why? How?”

  1. ragespot on October 28th, 2007 8:44 pm

    (zombie way) liiinuxx!!!! ubuntuu!!!!1
    i hope they release it soon

  2. matthendry on October 29th, 2007 9:31 am

    Joost better move quick now HULU is here

    I think Joost should be a cross platform browser extension .

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