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Joost + Facebook = JoostBook

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The 1st useful Joost widget just got released. It is called JoostBook and is from Irvin Owens Jr.

JoostBook allow you to:

  1. Tell your friends on Facebook about the cool things you are watching.
  2. Be able to see if you have any new notifications without leaving Joost.
  3. Publishes your video feed from Joost to Facebook.
  4. Go back and see the history of the shows you have watched.
  5. Displays thumbnail pictures in Facebook of what you are watching, along with a description of what you are watching.
  6. Link to the Joost page for that content so others can watch it too.

Due to the nature of the integration between Facebook and Joost the installation requires a few steps… in particular on the Joost side. Hopefully Joost could make the whole thing much simpler via future product enhancements.

Once the widget is installed in Joost the whole process is rather straight forward:

  1. Login to Facebook using the widget.
  2. Click the “Watched” button on the top of the Widget.
  3. Authorize Facebook to use JoostBook.
  4. Install the Facebook JoostBook application.

From this point anything you watch in Joost will show up in your JoostBook application.


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