BitTorrent Bets on New CEO, New Business Model

October 17, 2021

The San Francisco-based peer-to-peer file-sharing firm debuts Doug Walker as its new CEO Wednesday. He replaces the technology’s inventor, Bram Cohen, who will become chief scientist. “YouTube makes low-quality videos available, not because people wouldn’t watch high-quality ones,” says Cohen. With BitTorrent DNA, the company now offers a protocol for streaming high-definition video, including 780p and 1080i. Until now, the BitTorrent protocol only worked for downloading files, not for streaming media files (playing them as they download).

BitTorrent has more than YouTube in its sights. In February, the company launched an iTunes competitor, the BitTorrent Entertainment Network, selling downloadable movies, TV, games, music and software. About half of Alias Systems’ customers were in the entertainment sector that BitTorrent is targeting.

Lafferty’s reaction to BitTorrent’s announcement: “Finally!”

BitTorrent DNA’s first major customer, Brightcove, delivers the streaming content for major content sites including CBS, MTV and Warner Music. BitTorrent hopes that Japan will serve as a model for where the American market might take legal P2P technology.

Via Wired

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