iPhone coming to Canada in two weeks

October 5, 2021

OK, No direct link to Joost or P2P IPTV… but since I am Canadian and have been following the iPhone saga I will post about this interesting rumor:

WARNING: This is a rumour!!!

A Holt Renfrew insider has told DigitalJournal.com the luxury retailer will be carrying Apple’s iPhone across Canada by mid-October 2007. If the rumour is true, it would be the first confirmation of the iPhone’s arrival in Canada.

The Holt Renfrew source says the 8GB phone will be a GSM phone, retailing across the country for $799. Holt Renfrew is a luxury retailer with locations across Canada. The retailer is known for carrying high-fashion brands and hosting flamboyant parties.

Launched in the United States in June, the iPhone re-ignited the iPod-era Applemania. A Rogers customer service employee let news slip the company would have the iPhone exclusively in Canada back in January, which the company retracted a week later. A DigitalJournal.com Citizen Journalist ( [Citizen Journalist] Sarawanan Ravindran ) reported more feedback from Rogers in June, when the carrier confirmed once again it would be have the iPhone exclusively in Canada.

When DigitalJournal.com approached Rogers for comment on this Holt Renfrew news, the company would not confirm or deny anything.

According to some independent vendors of Rogers Wireless service, the cellular operator told its network of stores to stop activating accounts on the device.

For all Canadians hoping to get their hands on the iPhone, here’s hoping this rumour is true.
Source DigitalJournal

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