Cisco TelePresence 3000 demo

October 4, 2021

Yesterday, I was granted a demonstration of the Cisco TelePresence 3000 system in the brand new office of Cisco Ottawa.

Using advanced visual, audio, and collaboration technologies, the “telepresence” solution is built to deliver real-time, face-to-face interactions between people and places in their work and personal lives. The components of these systems utilize standard technologies in conjunction with specialized applications and hardware to create a solution using the network and unified communications as core components to deliver this experience.

The Ottawa system was using H.264 video codecs to offer the highest quality and lowest bit rate along with 3 x 1080p high-definition cameras and 3 large 1080p display mounted across the table.

The effect is surprisingly convincing. When sitting at the conference table and looking across at the 3 screens it is as if you where sitting in front of a live person. The dimensions of the virtual participants are exactly right. So they look like they are real life size. The system also uses multiple speakers so that when the person sitting at the right of the virtual table speak the audio is coming from the right side of the virtual table. If the person move right to left while speaking the audio follow the person movement for a true transparent audio experience.

Each screen requires 5mbps of bandwidth. So the total bandwidth requirement for the call between the Ottawa office and Montreal was of 15mbps. Forget running that over the internet… for now.

The system cost is also fairly high. The tested system is worth about $300,000 and comes with everything that was in the room. Chairs, tables, Display, Camera, behind the screen lighting, sound system and Projector for shared laptop presentations. The system also requires a single network connection with proper QoS for perfect video distribution.
This is clearly what video conferencing need to be!

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