Joost beta 1.0 released! Now with new UI!

Guess what just quietly showed up! Yes, the shiny new Joost beta client 1.0 for Mac and Windows:

As you can see below the UI has been updated to a new dark gray transparent theme. This new UI was previously reported here as the “spoon” UI. I am pleased to see that it is now present throughout the most part of the client interface.

Joost now offer a completely re-designed Channel Guide called “Explore”.

By clicking on the categories listed on the left you will be presented a nicely animated list of channels corresponding to your selection. The interface is visually much better than the previous one… but I have yet to figure out how to do basic tasks I had no problem doing before.

For example, I can’t seem to be able to delete channels from “My Channels”… and I have not found how to add new channels to “My Channels” yet. It is almost as if the interface is 75% done and is lacking 25% of it’s functionality.

I also noticed some UI left overs from the previous release… like the “Coming Up” notice shown below. Compare the old black UI look alongside the new gray one:

Or the help screen shown when clicking the “?” in the bottom panel:

But I will take the new UI over the old one any day… even with the current issues.

Go download Joost Beta 1.0 here!

Nice work Joost!

P.S.: Get your beta invitation at: <no more needed> if you need one! Direct from Joost!

Update Oct 1 2007:

Took the invitation link down. Joost is now available to all and no longer requires invitation!

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