Is Nokia partnering with Joost?

Written on September 25, 2021 by admin

Based on a new Nokia Nseries invitation page hosted on Joost web site it appear as if Nokia is becoming a Joost partner. It is unclear what sort of partnership is being put in place at this time. It might just be related to some advertisement deals between Joost and Nokia. Or is Joost coming to a Nokia Nseries near you?

I will contact Joost to get more information.


Got more information from the nice Joost PR team that this is only related to Nokia advertisement for the European market… so no Joost on the Nseries.  Would have been cool none the less.

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3 Responses to “Is Nokia partnering with Joost?”

  1. Matt said:

    The N95 could theoretically run Joost and some Joost staff are known to have the phone (its a cool phone )

    The phone does H.264 and Open GL so the video and overlay functions are covered .

    Symtorrent is a Bittorent client that can run on s60 Symbain phones .The N95 can run Symtorrent so it can handle p2p, the phone can also stream video up and down live ;)…..

    But its still early days for Joost on mobiles and portable devices but who knows what Joost are up to in Leiden or even the p2p guys in Estonia (Joltid) are up to .,n95

  2. bmoura said:

    What happened to the story titled “Meet The Other Joost” that appears on the RSS feed?

    I was curious as to who that might be !

  3. admin said:

    I am working on clearing a few things about the story at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to bring it back ;-)


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