Joost adding fresh content from CBS and others

Written on September 24, 2021 by admin

You might not have noticed but Joost is starting to release fresh content from CBS shows on a weekly basis. For example, Episodes of Survivor:China (yes, this season show) are showing up on Joost CBS channel a few days after airing in the US. And it is not the only one. Add to this list Numb3rs, CSI.

If Joost start adding more weekly/daily content like this it will certain address some users complain regarding content availability. For now most of the new big channel content is limited to US residents only. But hopefully this will change in the future and more big names shows will become available outside the US.

One issue I have with Joost programs is that they are not consistently named… and this can make it hard to find what you are looking for. Take, for example, the new (old) “V” series that was just added (Not showing on Joost site yet but OnTheToob picked it as being recently added… so keep an eye for it). Shows are listed as “V – Liberation Day”, “V – Dreadnaught”, etc. Unless you know how the show was aired by name you might be able to figure out what to watch in the right sequence. But if you are like me you won’t have a clue (Google is your friend here).

Instead Joost should rename the shows to be “V – s01e01 – Liberation Day” and make it standard for series. This way you know, by looking at the name, that this is the 1st episode of V from season 1.

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  1. wyman said:

    I noticed this and watched a few of the premiers just because I missed them. I don’t know if they will be doing this for their entire seasons as they were also releasing the first episodes of all their new shows on iTunes for free (along with ABC and FOX). It definitely is expanding on the amount of content available which is always nice.

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