LiveStation now open for general public trial

Written on September 6, 2021 by admin

LiveStation just updated their website. You can now signup and trial the new streaming P2P application. A new version of the client ( is also available for download. LiveStation has not published yet a list of changes for this release.

LiveStation will offer a wide range of radio and television channels. The emphasis will be on quality as much as quantity. That means national networks, not just special interest services.

LiveStation delivers remarkable quality audio and video over a standard broadband connection. Unlike video on demand (VOD) or download services, LiveStation delivers live broadcast channels, so you can watch breaking news or live sports events as they happen.

A small number of channels will initially be available for testing. Certain channels may not be available in all territories.

Discussions are already taking place with major broadcasters enabling them to appear on the LiveStation platform. New channels will be added as they become available.

Many channels will be free to view. Others may be available to subscribers, possibly as part of their existing pay television package. Certain programmes and special events may be available on a pay per view basis.

Like Joost, LiveStation uses P2P technology to distribute live video streams. With conventional streaming services, each stream is typically delivered from central servers or using a special content distribution network. Every additional user receives their own stream, which places enormous demands on the Internet infrastructure and ultimately limits the number of users that can be simultaneously supported.

Unfortunately, many networks do not currently support multicasting.

A peer-to-peer approach offers many of the benefits of multicasting, without requiring a multicast network. Effectively, it enables an overlay network to be created using the combined intelligence and network capacity of the computers of its active users.

In a peer-to-peer network, each node functions as both a client and a server, sharing its data with other users. This allows users to share some of a stream with other users, without having to relay the whole stream. This dramatically reduces the central serving capacity required to deliver live audio and video to very large numbers of users.

LiveStation is currently available for Microsoft Windows. Versions for other platforms are in development.

Key system requirements for LiveStation include:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista.
  • Internet Explorer 6+.
  • 2 Ghz processor.
  • A network of at least 640 kbps.

Note that LiveStation can also run on an Intel Mac in a virtual Windows environment.

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