Wired confirmed Joost acquisition of OnTheToob

September 4, 2021

In case there where any doubts about Joost acquisition of OnTheToob.com in some reader’s mind, an independent source (Wired) just confirmed the news:

The weekend’s rumors regarding Joost proved true, as the popular P2P TV site officially confirmed to Wired News the acquisition of OnTheToob.com. Created by Joost beta user Hal Schechner, the site functions as a programming guide for Joost users looking to get a grasp on the site’s 239 channels of content.

In addition to offering users a suite of programming guide options, OnTheToob also enables Joost users to create ala carte channels and RSS feeds out of the site’s 10,298 programs. A Joost spokesperson also revealed that Schechner has joined the Joost staff.

With the recent release of its Widget API, it’s clear that Joost is looking to spur engagement from the developer community. If anything, today’s news of the OnTheToob acquisition only solidifies Joost’s position as a customizable contender in Web 2.0’s battle against cable. But even though this a promising sign for developers, a lot of Joost’s fundamental problems with bandwidth, content, and consumer conversion still remain…for now.

Kudos Hal!

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