LiveStation will make some anouncement at IBC 2007

August 31, 2021

LiveStation is expected to make some announcement next week at IBC 2007.

LiveStation has been in private beta for the past few months. So far only one channel is present in the current beta release (Version 1.00.62).

I was curious about some news reporting that LiveStation was about to open it’s beta to a wider audience in October 2007. So I asked the nice team at LiveStation about it.

The answer I got was the following:

  • we’re working towards the major dates in the calendar
  • our next major date is IBC in September
  • we’re adding multiple channels at this time
  • we’re aiming for an open beta as soon as we can with more than one channel

The IBC exhibition showcases all the latest technology and foremost business ideas in broadcasting and media. The exhibition is internationally renowned for being run by the industry for the industry and offers unparalleled expertise and opportunities in the fields of content creation, management and delivery.

LiveStation is the next generation of peer-to-peer technology co-developed by Skinkers and Microsoft Research to address the market demand for a secure, robust and scalable solution to the growing problem of offering live TV over the Internet to large numbers of viewers in a cost-effective and viable way.

LiveStation offer great video quality at very low bit rate (like Joost). What differentiate LiveStation from Joost it the fact that it offer streaming “Live” TV… Joost currently offer streaming of “Pre Recorded” content.

Joost is apparently working on offering streaming of “Live” TV as well, but it remain to be seen.

Also worth noting is that LiveStation is currently a Windows Only application, where Joost is both Windows and Mac.

Joost just reached a new milestone

August 31, 2021

On August 31st Joost hit a major milestone. Joost currently has more than 10,000 video Programs in its database. Those programs are distributed between 237 Channels.

Joost has come a long way since it opened to beta testers earlier this year. I literally went from less than 1000 to more than 10,000 Programs in less than 6 months. At this rate Joost will have more than 20,000 programs to choose from by the end of February 2008.

Some have complained in the early days of Joost of lack of content. It isn’t so anymore. Joost offer a wide range of programs ranging from Music Video clips, Reality Shows, Full length motion pictures, NHL games, boxing, etc, etc.

Joost is certainly getting closer and closer to a viable, large scale, general public release. Some will certainly find reasons to complain but many will see in Joost a successful entertainment platform.

NBC pulling out of iTunes

August 31, 2021

Digital trends report that:

Less than two months after Universal Music decided not to enter into another year-long music distribution with iTunes Apple looks to be facing another high-profile defector from its digital media offerings: according to The New York Times, related company NBC Universal will not be renewing its deal to distribute digital versions of its television shows via the iTunes store.

The pull-out would not only impact shows like Heroes and The Office from the NBC broadcast network, but also shows from NBC Universal’s sibling networks like the Sci-Fi Channel and USA, so shows like Battlestar Galactica and Monk would also disappear.

ABC would like to be able to charge more for recently broadcast, popular shows in order to maximize revenue, while discounting shows in its back catalog (like, say, the original season of Law & Order, which aired umpteen years ago) in order to encourage sales.

Although NBC Universal does not currently offer Universal movies for sale via iTunes, the company would reportedly like to offer bundles of its TV shows with its movies.

Apple has historically favored consistent, across-the-board pricing, arguing differential pricing confuses and irritates consumers, which leads to fewer sales.

Does it have anything to do with Hulu? Maybe!  But it is certainly a sad news for current U.S. iTunes users.

Madonna - Joost Like a Virgin

August 30, 2021

Guess what just showed up as a new Joost channel? No… not Paramount Pictures… try again!

Yes! The “Madonna Network”!

Apparently Madonna has some Love Profusion for Joost:

This is a pretty big win for Joost. Having Madonna on your side is no small feast! It certainly show that artists have good faith in Joost ability to deliver quality content to a growing user base.

The current list of Madonna video on Joost is:

  • Madonna - American Life (Video)
  • Madonna - Bad Girl (Video)
  • Madonna - Erotica (Video)
  • Madonna - Express Yourself (Video)
  • Madonna - Hung Up
  • Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Video)
  • Madonna - Like A Virgin (Video)
  • Madonna - Love Profusion (Video)
  • Madonna - Music (4:44 Version) (Video)
  • Madonna - Papa Don’t Preach (Video)

Joost API Revealed

August 30, 2021

In case you missed the recent post in the Joost forum the new Joost API web site was made available on Aug 29th 2007. You will find below a copy of the post:

There have been a lot of changes and improvements to Joost recently. One that you might not have noticed is that with the newest release – Joost 0.12.0 – a new Widget API is available that makes it possible for third parties to create their own Joost widgets. To activate this right now, go to the Advanced Settings widget in the Widget Menu and check the box to enable the Widget Manager.

If you want to start playing with the API, you can visit our new development website at (login: widgetarian, password: wonderland42). Watch that space over the coming weeks and months, as it will contain an increasing volume of documentation and tutorials for the Joost Widget platform. IRC users can also join the #joost-dev channel on to chat with some Joost developers.

We also have created a public mailing list that developers can use to discuss their widget projects and get help from one another and the Joost team. Even if you have just the slightest interest in Joost Widgets, be sure to join to stay on top of the latest developments.

Details for this group are as follows:

Email address:


Send an empty email to

We eagerly look forward to seeing how we can all work together to add new features and functionality to TV!

You will find below a quick video on how to enable the Widget manager in the current 0.12 release:

Joost just added hundreds of new programs

August 30, 2021

Joost just added close to 1000 new program to it’s already large content database. Not all programs are currently placed in easily accessible channels. They can be found by doing a simple search for title key words. Content like:

  • Much AXS Screwed Over
  • Bad Girls
  • Multiple Paramount Pictures movies for Europe

where added in this update.

The following four channels where also added:

  • Cycling Television
  • The Madonna Network
  • Sisters Doing It For Themselves
  • VictoryV
  • Elo Cinema Latino

Happy watching!

Vanderbilt adds Joost to download options for students

August 29, 2021

Students at Vanderbilt University have new options for free digital music and video content starting this semester, with the addition of the Ruckus® and Joost™ services to the slate of offerings.

Vanderbilt has made great strides over the past few years in giving students alternatives to illegally downloading, as the Recording Industry Association of America focused on students at colleges and universities as targets of downloading lawsuits.

“There are so many safe and effective ways to get books, movies, television and music without subjecting yourself to civil liability and really enjoying a rich amount of choices in the marketplace,” said Matt Hall, assistant vice chancellor of information technology services at Vanderbilt.

Ruckus®, offered by Ruckus® Network, Inc., free to students, offers unlimited legal and safe downloads of music and video content from a massive and expanding catalogue of more than 3 million songs by major and independent label artists.

Joost™, also free to Vanderbilt students, offers hundreds of channels of programming via Internet television, everything from international programs to reruns of classics.


YouTube Pens Deal with UK Music Royalties Alliance

August 29, 2021

YouTube has signed a deal with the MCPS-PRS Alliance, which is a music collection society in the UK. This is the first deal of its kind for the video-sharing network, in regards to a music royalties organization.

The deal entails the licensing of 10 million pieces of music to YouTube. In exchange, YouTube will pay a flat fee. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed. What this means is that YouTube mavens no longer have to fear being sued for music being played in the background of their videos, or worry about their content being removed. At least for labels and artists by the MCPS-PRS Alliance. Based on the music played on YouTube and in what amount will determine how royalties are distributed to artists and labels.

[via paid content]

Your bandwidth could become a currency

August 29, 2021

Internet bandwidth could become a global currency under a proposed model for the future of e-commerce that exploits a novel peer-to-peer video sharing application designed by a trans-Atlantic team of computer scientists.

The researchers were inspired to use a version of the Tribler video sharing software as a model for an e-commerce system because of such flexibility, speed, and reliability.

They are proposing earn-and-spend market model, where the more a user uploads now and the higher the quality of the contributions, the more she would be able to download later and the faster the download speed.

[Via presesc]

‘Heroes’ Star Recognizes Benefits of BitTorrent

August 29, 2021

The actor who plays the time-and-space warping ‘Hiro Nakamura’ in the hit US TV show ‘Heroes’ has made some positive comments about file-sharing after it became evident that French fans had either teleported into the future and watched the show before it aired on TV, or maybe downloaded it using BitTorrent.

Currently in Hong Kong promoting the hit TV show ‘Heroes’, actor Masi Oka who plays Hiro Nakamura in the show, made some pro-BitTorrent comments.

Oka seems to recognize that true fans of productions such as ‘Heroes’ not only watch the shows via BitTorrent, TV or both, but will likely go out and buy the DVDs too - if the show is any good of course - which ‘Heroes’ definitely is.

[Via torrentfreak]

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