YouTube, NBC not happy with VeohTV

July 16, 2021

No one has filed a lawsuit against VeohTV yet, but it could just be a matter of time. The service is something of a cross between YouTube and Joost, giving you the ability to surf for online videos without using a web browser.

The problem is that many of those videos don’t come from Veoh, but from sources like NBC, CBS, and YouTube. That includes full length streaming episodes of shows like 24, Heroes, and 30 Rock. And Veoh doesn’t ask for permission to distribute those videos.

The company’s argument is interesting. Since the networks and other sites are streaming these episodes for free, Veoh says all its VeohTV player does is provide a new interface for streaming the content. Any video advertising included by the content owner remains intact.

But NBC and YouTube officials tell the New York Times that they’re not too happy with the service. If viewers can access their videos without going to their web sites, they lose out on potential advertising revenue. So either Veoh’s going to have to work out licensing agreements with content owners, or we’re going to see this battle headed to court. Unless of course Veoh fails to make a dent in the marketplace. Then we doubt anyone will really care. VeohTV is still in private beta.

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