MyTvPal may offer 1000 free channels in Australia

June 25, 2021

A Canadian Company, is evaluating the Australian market with a view to launching a brand new content service that will allow Australians to access over 1,000 channels of content for free. They will also have access to 1080p movies and 1080p IMAX documentaries.

Key to the free service for consumers is the placement of advertising in the content. For content that is not free such as 1st run movies a charge of between US$3.99 for 720 content and $5.99 for 1080p HD content will apply.

All that consumers will have to pay to get the free service is a MyTvPal set top box which will cost around US$350.

The issue for is finding the right data centre partners as well as retailers or a distributor that can sell their set top boxes…

[Source: smarthousenews]

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