Yes, you can run Joost under Linux… but it is not easy

Written on May 29, 2021 by admin

Unfortunately, the Joost client application is currently only natively supported on Windows and Mac OS X. Instructions are now available in various places describing how to make Joost run on Ubuntu Linux with Wine, a Windows binary runtime layer for Linux.

Although Wine doesn’t support Joost right out of the box, developers have produced a few patches that make it work. Instructions for patching, compiling, installing and configuring Wine for Joost can be found in the Ubuntu forums. First, I got an error message telling me that Joost requires Windows XP. This problem can easily be fixed by changing the Windows Version value to Windows XP on the Applications tab of the winecfg utility. You will also have to install the default fonts from Windows, either by copying them from a Windows partition or by installing the msttcorefonts package on Ubuntu. Some users have been able to get Joost working with complete audio and video support by installing the latest release of the Nivida drivers. A colleague managed to get Joost running after doing the Wine patch. According to a poll in the Ubuntu forums, about half of the people who have attempted to get Joost running in Wine have succeeded.

Joost uses Direct3D, which isn’t really officially supported in VMware yet. Needless to say, I don’t recommend trying Joost in VMware.

Although the methods that people are using right now to get Joost working on Linux are very hackish, one should keep in mind that the Joost developers plan to officially release and support a native Linux build at some point in the future. Until then, Linux enthusiasts will likely continue working to simplify and document the process of getting the Windows version of Joost to run in Wine.

[Via arstechnica]

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