OoYala… the new online video startup

Written on May 29, 2021 by admin

Bismarck Lepe, a former employee of Google, is generating quite a bit of pre-release buzz with his limited testing for ooyala, the start-up for which he left his job.

Ooyala, which is setting out to revolutionize the video experience, is being kept under wraps for the time being. But Lepe is leaking out information bit by bit on his company blog, indicating that the company has already landed a significant amount of funding, hired someone named Alex, and is getting ready to open sales offices in New York and L.A. Among the other job openings Ooyala has posted on its site are engineers for software development, video processing, infrastructure, Flex/Flash and user experience, to join their Mountain View office.

Even more curious is Lepe’s reported disdain for Google, predicting that more will leave the company to follow the dreams that Google rejected. Isn’t that the case with most former Google employees? At any rate, we’ll look out for the beta to launch in the coming months. From what we can tell, related and rival services could include a number of companies from Joost to Mogulus, or TiVo, or Vudu.

[via mashable]

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