XBOX 360 three red lights of death

Written on May 28, 2021 by admin

My good old trusty XBOX 360 just died yesterday! I mean… this is really bad. I got the console on launch day and enjoyed it ever since. I had gotten the occasional red ring of death but it always fixed itself by doing a power off/power on. I could not justify getting it replaced on that basis (at least I think… could I have?).

I will now have to fork US$125 to get it fixed… and this mean getting someone else defective box that had been repaired as a replacement… so potentially another box that will fail within weeks. .. and it better not be scratched and cracked. Why can’t Microsoft just replace the darn thing with a brand new unit instead of sending us “repaired” ones?

My warranty expired on Dec 31 2007… so literally less than 5 months before that my box died yesterday… totally not acceptable for a gaming console. I never had any other piece of electronic equipment break on me like that.

I really hope I get the new console really soon. I now realize just how much I (OK… and my kids) used the thing for gaming and watching TV/Movies.

Did I told you I really like playing h.264 content on the 360 ;-)

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