Joost’s Deal Plans Hidden in PDF Presentation

May 19, 2021


PDFs can be tricky sometimes: a source of hidden data that you might not have intended to release. A source pointed out to us today that this year’s hottest startup - Joost - may have accidentally leaked 3 months’ worth of deal plans through hidden data in a PDF.

The presentation, entitled “Joost-network.pdf” can be found via a Google search, bookmarks and elsewhere - in other words, it’s readily available. Although on the surface it’s about Joost’s Network Architecture, hidden data in the document contains detailed info on a large number of partnership deals with major networks that Joost has either closed or is trying to close. The data appears to be from March 2007, but many of those deals haven’t happened and/or haven’t been publicly announced yet.

You can find the data for yourself by opening this PDF document, selecting everything on a page, and copying & pasting to notepad. Page 16, for example, contains a lot of text that isn’t immediately visible (it’s a list of 61 deals they were trying to close as of March). Our guess is that the creator worked originally in Powerpoint, and then converted the document to PDF. PDF is a format known for security and very little hidden metadata, but with conversions from other formats some data can be hidden from view.

In any case, the file as it was found in the wild contains this data, and although it’s remotely possible that our third party has altered it, we doubt this is the case.

Keeping track of Joost’s partnerships is a fulltime job, so we’ll leave others to look into the data. This includes “The Current Situation” (deals closed up until March), “3 Month Priorities: UK”, “3 Month Priorities: USA”, “3 Month Priorities: Music”, “3 Month Priorities: Sport” and “Deals We are Pushing to Close”, a list of 61 upcoming partners. Lots of information here that will probably be all over the web in about 5 minutes.

Here is a link to a post listing the hidden text in the presentation.

From this list one of the interesting mention (In wake of Viacom….Turner, Sony, NBC all wanting attention) is the fact that NBC is the only non announced partner… should we expect something soon?

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  1. NBC coming to Joost | on May 21st, 2007 8:06 pm

    [...] is no surprise since it was revealed late last week in a Joost Network Presentation PDF file that NBC was looking at partnering with Joost in a similar way Viacom did [...]

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