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Joost beta 0.9.4 now available… 0.9.5 on it’s way

Written on April 24, 2021 by admin

0.9.4 Release

Part of that work is in improving the way the P2P is treated now that we have learned more about its behaviour with a larger population of users and that is why 0.9.4 is being released which has significant performance enhancements, though no new visible features.

Windows Updater Test, 0.9.5

The following is for Windows users only at the moment, we don’t have the packaging quite right yet for the OSX version.

0.9.5 is an early release and has a number of new features which I’m not going to go into here (more fun to find them out for  yourself perhaps), except for one major feature that we would like you to try which will require a little effort on your part to do so,  But, that’s what being part of a real beta test is, right?

The feature is the incremental Updater, its effectively the same Update mechanism as used in Mozilla/Firefox and it updates as you’re watching Joost.  And yes its in your current version of Joost now.

We have set up updates for both 0.9.4 and 0.9.2 all you have to do is point your copy of Joost at the beta test Update Server, run Joost and let it stay running for an hour or more.  The update is delivered slowly and is about 3Mb in size.  If you stop and start Joost then the Updater will pause and resume so the updating process is completely transparent.

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5 Responses to “Joost beta 0.9.4 now available… 0.9.5 on it’s way”

  1. Nicolas said:

    That’s cool but it’s still impossible to have an invitation :s
    It’s a little frustrating to see new version and don’t have the opportunity to test…
    I’m watching your site since more 1month now…:(

  2. matthew mclean said:

    Joost has been so frustrating!!!! i have tried like everywhere for an *invitation* and gotten nowhere. come on somebody has to be able to help!!!

  3. eyetag said:

    1 left, leave comment here:

  4. lpalli said:

    I’ve 3 invitations on

  5. Video Monte Ceneri » Joost 0.9.4 ed altre notizie said:

    […] La versione 0.9.4 di Joost è disponibile da qualche giorno. Questa versione non ha differenze visibili rispetto alle precedenti, ma migliora sensibilmente le prestazioni. [fonte] […]

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