Joost adding hundreds of new TV shows… including Rhino Records

Written on April 24, 2021 by admin

Since yesterday Joost has added literally hundreds of TV shows to it program list.

As of today Joost has 92 individual TV channels with a total of 3281 TV shows.

This recent additions of show brings the following new channels:

Rhino Records

Since 1978 Rhino has been the worlds preeminent reissue label, producing deluxe editions of classic albums, multi-artist box sets and videos from every corner of pop culture. Rhino is also a leader in digital entertainment and the art of having fun!


Snowvision is the leading channel for snowboarding content, broadcasting top-quality professional snowboarding videos along with engaging segments on the culture behind the sport.


Travelistic is a travel video channel devoted to bringing engaging, informational and experience-driven shows to an international travel community.

I do not believe that Rhino records has been announced yet as an official Joost Partner yet… (unless it was part of the deal with Warner Music Group) so you might have heard it on Joostteam first!

Update Apr 25 2007:

For some unknown reason Joost pulled out the Snowvision, Travelistic and Jump Off TV channels from their sites.

Update Apr 27 2007:

Channels are now back online for your viewing pleasure!

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