Is Comcast squeezing Joost bandwidth?

April 15, 2021


Now that this story has hit the front page of Digg (and since taken down as inaccurate) it becomes apparent that it is a false alarm. Many Comcast users are reporting success in using Joost. Keep reading if you are interested in the original post.


Apparently Comcast subscribers have major issues running Joost. Users of the ISP are reporting that they can’t actually watch content on Joost. Here is what one of them has to say:

I also have Comcast and the inbound and outbound activity indicates that barely anything is getting through. Its outrageous to think that an ISP would block something like Joost, yet continue to allow bit torrent and other bandwidth intensive app. There is nothing other than comcast in many rural areas, thus many people will be entirely unable to use Joost.

Another Joost user claim:

I’m confident that Comcast is blocking joost. There are probably other ISPs doing this too.

I regularly use wireshark ( in my work in voip, so i did a “netstat -abno > netstat.txt” at the command line and used the find function to locate all of the port usage for “tvprunner.exe”. Here’s my resultant wireshark display filter:

“tcp.port==22289 || tcp.port==6430 || tcp.port==6319 || tcp.port==6320 || tcp.port==6321 || tcp.port==6322 || tcp.port==6333 || tcp.port==6431 || udp.port==22289 || udp.port==6345 || udp.port==6325″

I’ve got tons of chatter outbound, but virtually nothing inbound, except for periodic responses from to my port 6333.

Though they eventually unblocked SIP (UDP 5060) for me, for a long time I had to use all sorts of tricks to get around the port blocking in order to work from home. I doubt they’re gonna budge on this one though.

Anti-competitive !@#$%^&*()s!, Comcast! If I could get any other fast connection… as soon my local metro fiber project comes past my house I’ll be dropping you like a bad habit. :-@

Is it actually true? I can’t tell right now. Is it done intentionally?

Is it a side affect of trying to limit Peer-2-Peer bandwidth across their network? If it is then this could spell trouble for Joost as it will heavilly rely on peer-2-peer for video content distribution.

Let monitor this and see what Comcast has to say about the whole issue.

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