Hackers Break AACS Volume ID

April 10, 2021

Another proof that DRM does not and will never work!

Source: http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2007/04/more_drm_cat_an.html

Well, it looks like you can stop worrying about Corel locking up your next gen DVD player. The clever bods at the Doom9 and XBoxhacker forums have managed to patch the Xbox 360 HD DVD to to play any disk without authentication.

HD DVD and BlueRay require that a disk authenticate itself with a Volume ID. A player can then be patched so it will not play any revoked disks.

What this hack does is bypass the check for a Volume ID you can stick any disk in the player and you’re good to go, rendering useless any future revocations. It’s still possible to lock out the actual hardware, but how long will it take the hackers to get around that?

The AACS standard was supposed to be unbreakable. We always chuckle when we hear a boast like that. The very mechanism to future proof this copy protection has now been smashed. I expect a major firestorm over this from the industry pretty soon. Anything designed to limit people’s freedom will always be in an arms race.

It’s going to be several long years until the movie industry wakes up like the record companies are starting to and just sells flat out DRM free content, but it will have to happen eventually and it’s going to be fun to watch the fireworks along the way.

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