Joost running on Apple TV… the day after

Written on March 29, 2021 by admin

Erica Sadun from reported her findings about running Joost 0.8.1 on the Apple TV:

  1. The 1st time you run Joost it seemed to go into a never ending “downloading your channel listings” cycle
  2. You do need to run it via VNC so you can type in your account name
  3. Unlike VLC, it does not respond to the Apple remote… so you need to use VNC to change channels
  4. You have to use the Apple Remote at least once a half hour to keep Apple TV from going into sleep mode

Some of those issues are likelly resolved in 0.9 since this new un-released beta not nativelly support the Apple Remote ;-)

What Joost will need to do to make this a viable option is:

add a virtual keyboard to the application to allow for typing in the login screen

Improve the UI to provide complete remote control navigation.  Even the 0.9 release will not allow access to most aspects of Joost via a remote.  Maybe Joost will have to implement a dual UI model.  If Joost detect access via remote control or keyboard it should present a simplified UI instead of the mouse driven one currently available.

Something tell me that Erica will report new things in the near future ;-)

That is it for now!

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