Joost successfully run on Apple TV has reported success in running Joost on the Apple TV. There are currently some problems with fonts but I am sure this will be fixed in a near future… right? What does this mean? Once Joost goes live you will get free, unlimited TV experience in your living room for less than 300$… plus what Apple TV currently offers you:

  • iTune Video playback
  • iTune and mp3 audio playback
  • Photo viewing

With another modification the Apple TV can be made to playback xvid/divx/WMV (yes, Microsoft Windows Media Video 7 to 9) as well.

I am sure this little box will be a great hit. Will Apple cripple future Apple TV to prevent it to run other software than then ones bundled in? Maby… but probably not.

Modifying you Apple TV is not yet as easy as installing an Apple application but it will get there eventually. When there is a will there is a way!

Thank you tutorialninja for taking the time to test this out!

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