Joost beta client 0.9 almost ready for release

March 31, 2021

A group of lucky beta testers have been testing release candidate versions of the Joost client.

This morning version 0.9RC4 was posted to the selected group.  There are still a few issues left in the release but overall it look like a solid release candidate.

No one know for sure if this will be the one but there are certainly fewer and fewer major bug in each release candidate. My guess is that yet amother release candidate 5 will be needed but after it all bets are off.

So get ready for a new beta client really soon.  And with it you will certainly see a flood of new joost invites going out!

This is not a Joost commercial… I repeat…

March 31, 2021

Youtube is currently showing what appear to be the 1st Joost commercial.  Make no mistake, this is not a TV commercial but rather a little video clip on the web site!  You can look at the real source video at this link:

Or you can go directly to the joost web page right there:

So don’t get too exited and please… stop calling an apple an orange ;-)

3 Joost invitations to give away

March 30, 2021

Update: It appear that the invitation feature is flaky at this point.  I can’t send invite until the previous one has been accepted… And the last one I sent appear to be undeliverable due to a wrong email typed in the registration process in the Forum… so for now don’t expect any invite until Joost fix this bug.. Sorry.


I just noticed that I got 3 Joost invitations in my account. Here is how to get one:

  1. Go to this forum post:
  2. Register an account in the forum (this will give me you email address for the invite an no one else will see it… less spam ;-))
  3. Follow the post instructions (quite simple instructions ;-))
  4. I will go on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Good luck!

Google to Viacom - The Law is Clear, and On Our Side

March 29, 2021

In a March 24 op-ed, Viacom’s general counsel, Michael Fricklas, defended his company’s lawsuit against YouTube and Google. Resisting the urge to litigate this case in public, we still thought it useful to reply briefly.

Viacom’s lawsuit is an attack on the way people communicate on the Web and on the platforms that allow people to make the Internet their own.

In the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Congress struck a careful balance between the rights of the copyright holder and the need to protect the Internet as an innovative communication frontier, not as another venue for litigation.

Content-hosting sites such as YouTube, Craigslist and MySpace that want to take advantage of the DMCA’s safe harbors must promptly remove infringing content if the copyright owner so requests, giving owners a quick remedy that doesn’t require going to court. Copyright owners, in return, have the responsibility to identify infringing material they want removed. Viacom’s lawyers helped craft this law but apparently don’t like it, after all. They want to shirk the responsibility Congress gave them.

Placing that burden on hosting platforms would turn the DMCA on its head.

Viacom is attempting to rewrite established copyright law through a baseless lawsuit. In February, after negotiations broke down, Viacom requested that YouTube take down more than 100,000 videos. We did so immediately, working through a weekend. Viacom later withdrew some of those requests, apparently realizing that those videos were not infringing, after all. Though Viacom seems unable to determine what constitutes infringing content, its lawyers believe that we should have the responsibility and ability to do it for them. Fortunately, the law is clear, and on our side.


Mountain View, Calif.


Joost running on Apple TV… the day after

March 29, 2021

Erica Sadun from reported her findings about running Joost 0.8.1 on the Apple TV:

  1. The 1st time you run Joost it seemed to go into a never ending “downloading your channel listings” cycle
  2. You do need to run it via VNC so you can type in your account name
  3. Unlike VLC, it does not respond to the Apple remote… so you need to use VNC to change channels
  4. You have to use the Apple Remote at least once a half hour to keep Apple TV from going into sleep mode

Some of those issues are likelly resolved in 0.9 since this new un-released beta not nativelly support the Apple Remote ;-)

What Joost will need to do to make this a viable option is:

add a virtual keyboard to the application to allow for typing in the login screen

Improve the UI to provide complete remote control navigation.  Even the 0.9 release will not allow access to most aspects of Joost via a remote.  Maybe Joost will have to implement a dual UI model.  If Joost detect access via remote control or keyboard it should present a simplified UI instead of the mouse driven one currently available.

Something tell me that Erica will report new things in the near future ;-)

That is it for now!

Apple TV USB support is now available

March 29, 2021

After endless hacking by a dedicated group at awkwardtv, the Apple TV has yielded to their efforts. A user Turbo posted a method to enable USB support. After the group had tried for literally 6 days straight, patching kernels, adding kext’s, massaging files and other zane the USB works. USB keyboard and mice!

Next up? Honestly, the sky is the limit at this point. Go buy one.


YouTube new remixing and real-time chat

March 29, 2021

YouTube went offline last night for updating. Added features include the capability to customize the colors and content on your personal profile page, and a new Google Labs-like feature, TestTube, where you can experiment with new YouTube features. For example, TestTube has the new Audio Swap feature (previous coverage), which lets you replace your video’s audio with a music track from one of several artists that YouTube has made arrangements with. The major snag with this feature is that it completely overwrites your video’s audio track. For that, you’d need a more full-featured video editor, which Google/YouTube doesn’t yet offer. Also new: Streams. These are fancy video channels with chat rooms attached. Users can add videos to a stream (that the stream moderator can later remove) and chat about what they’re watching. There are some other snags in the system: I couldn’t switch videos in a stream easily. Lycos and Stickam also have video-based chat rooms, but YouTube’s Streams should ultimately be better, because it’s so easy to add a video from the enormous YouTube library to a stream, and then begin chatting about it.


Viacom blogs still using YouTube

March 29, 2021

Could Sumner Redstone’s Viacom, the media giant that’s suing Google for facilitating piracy of shows such as the Colbert Report, please get its act together? Viacom, despite its overall inability to adapt to the internet, has had a few isolated online successes. Best Week Ever, a cultural roundup which runs on Viacom’s VH1 cable network, was a particular pioneer, launching a funny promotional blog well before the practice became de rigeur among TV shows. When the once-hip media conglomerate unveiled its $1bn lawsuit against Google, execs passed down the word, internally, that bloggers were to stop using the enemy’s video service for clips. Some inhouse blogs, such as Comedy Central Insider, have dutifully switched to Viacom’s own video player.

Of 12 clips on the front page, no fewer than seven were hosted on Youtube. They include an old clip from Saturday Night Live, the NBC show, which was uploaded by Youtube user, extrujado, a play on the Spanish word for outlaw. Somehow, we doubt he’s the lawful owner. The Viacom blog also showcases a pirated clip from the Simpsons, the show owned by News Corporation’s Fox network.

To be fair, it’s hard to remember all the subsidiaries of a convoluted media conglomerate, let alone align them around a single position. Viacom’s bloggers probably kept on using Youtube simply because the interface is simple, the service efficient, and the library of clips the richest. But, before Viacom preaches about the sanctity of copyright, and the devotion of fans to its video stars, its execs should at least come to terms with the shift of younger viewers from clunky cable networks to sites such as Youtube. Sumner Redstone: really want to understand the continuing appeal of Youtube?

News via hyperdistribution and Valleymag

Apple fights back against Apple TV hacks?

March 29, 2021

This is most likely wrong but just ins case… here is the story from engadget:



In an interesting but unlikely turn of events, some Apple TV hackers enthusiasts are no longer able to obtain their new found access to their Apple TVs. More than one person is reporting that they previously enabled SSH and VNC access, but it is no longer accessible. The current unlikely theory is that Apple is fighting back and somehow remotely accessing the modified Apple TVs and is “fixing” them, although this would be quite an intrusive violation — something that maybe not even Sony would attempt. Our very own Apple TV has not fallen victim to what we would bet is some internal process that is cleaning things up as programmed. If you are worried, though, the Tutorial Ninjas have a few suggestions, like blocking your Apple TV from the internet and changing your password — this would mean no more 30 second samples of the iTunes Music Store’s top 10, but hey, you can’t have it all.

Here is another point of view from thinktechno:

Kinda interesting things happened with Apple TV last week, many enthusiast were able to do things with it that weren’t suppose to be possible. But now many people have reports that the previously possible SSH and VNC access, is no longer accessible. Looks like Apple’s is fighting back by somehow remotely plugging the holes of the Apple TV’s and fixing them, but Apple has gone a little to far, updating the TV without user’s knowledge. Fellows at Tutorial Ninjas have a nice guide on how to hack Apple TV. They’d also put up a post claiming that Apple used Apple TV’s live Internet connection to get inside and detect hacks and in turn shutting them down. They only had got a handful of confirmations, that means Apple’s fighting back. So its better of you either don’t do anything with it or just pull the plug from your internet connection. But its still real hazy on whether the Apple TV have been hack or not.

Joost 0.9RC2 in the hands of some beta testers

March 28, 2021

The folks at are a speedy bunch; the second release candidate has been released already and a bunch of very visible bugs have been fixed. And some new content channels are going live as well. Yesterday I watched a good match on the Fight Network.

Much to my pleasure, the Apple Remote does control sound volume. I was under the impression that this didn’t work, because the volume initially starts at 100% and there is no visual queue that something happens (no OSD indicator). All in all, plain watching and channel hopping are completely possible now. For the social interaction (widgets overlay) you still need to grab your mouse.

Finally a note for all of you who are asking for invites.

The invite system has been suspended, waiting for a much more massive release to new beta testers. As far as I understand, first those who signed up on the website will be invited. This form has been pullled now, but then there may come a system much like gmail in the old days, where users can invite others.

Until then, we just have to wait…


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